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reasons to vote for Ken part 2

May 3, 2012

Reasons to vote for Ken part 2
Vote @ken4london today to:
. Defend LGBT specific services from Government cuts.
. To take urgent action on homophobic and transfobic hate crime. . To tackle homophobic and transphobic bullying of young people. . So that Pride events, arts, cultural and businesses will be supported.
. To put an end once and for all to homophobic advertising on all GLA group property.
. To show the world that London supports respects and celebrates our diverse LGBT community.
. Because he has said what he will do for the LGBT community and Boris has not.
Kirsten Hearn
Labour List GLA Candidate
May 3, 2012


25 reasons to vote for Ken

May 2, 2012

25 reasons to vote for ken
Actually, there are many more than that, but these are my favorites. Ken will:
1 Apply social model of disability to all GLA areas helping to remove disabling barriers.
2 Be voice against gov benefit cuts that threaten disabled people’s independence.
3 Appoint a disability officer who is a disabled person and reinstate annual disability capital conference.
4 Work to remove environmental, institutional and attitudinal barriers stopping disabled people contributing equally to London.
5 Guarantee to protect the freedom pass preserving the dignity of free-travel given to older and disabled Londoners.
6 Bring forward plans to make all bus stops accessible and improve driver training on accessibility.
7 Make at least 3rd of tube stations step free by 2016 and intro step-free programme across overland rail.
8 Staff tube stations at all times they are open so there is always someone there to help disabled people.
9 Bring community transport orgs and local gov together to plan protecting transport services from Tory cuts.
10 Put safety first and give Londoners back time to cross the road. 11 Require all new homes to be built to ‘Lifetime Homes’ standards and 10 % to be suitable for wheelchair users.
12 Campaign against housing benefit cuts forcing disabled people to move if HB no longer covers their rent.
13 Establish an energy co-op saving Londoners £120 on annual home energy bills.
14 Get national energy funds giving free loft and wall insulation to 400k households in fuel poverty?
15 Defend NHS and universal health care, speak up for patients and appoint a health commissioner.
16 Give disabled people a real voice in health service commissioning. 17 Set ambitious targets and public stats for numbers for disabled employees across the GLA family.
18 Ensure police monitor and prioritise hate crimes including those against disabled people.
19 Oppose cuts to independent living and social care for disabled and older people.
20 Work with schools and voluntary orgs to challenge disabliss, racist and homophobic bullying of children.
21 Expand the annual Liberty Festival to celebrate the lives and contributions of deaf and disabled people.
22 Establish Fairness, Sustainability and Procurement Unit ensuring Contractors promote equality in all they do.
23 Review implementation of Equality Act across GLA group delivering to best practice.
24 Promote the national Access to Work scheme, which helps deaf and disabled people in employment.
25 London’s incredible diversity is its greatest strength. Tackling discrimination and inequality is so important.
Kirsten Hearn
Labour London-wide Assembly candidate
May 2, 2012