fake news kills community cohesion

Fake News Kills Community Cohesion.
(Speech in contribution to the Mayor’s Debate on Community Cohesion. Haringey Council: 20 march 2017.

,what role does fake truth play in destroying community cohesion? Lies and myths slither out from the dark places, From the hating hearts, here, in europe and across the world.

Lies pour from the lips of British politicians during the referendum campaign. communities divide, and the hate crimes rise.
Lies oooze from across the Channel, and communities divide, and the hate crimes rise. lies burst from across the pond. communities divide, and the hate crimes rise.

The so called leader of the free world is whipping up frenzy and hatred, and communities divide and divide, and the hate crimes rise again and again, and again.

Division is sewn by Off the cuff remarks, ill-informed opinions, even foolish tweets. These become policy planks.
Accusations are normalised and promoted as truth. Lies divide. They become fake news, and soon it is poisonous truth.

But it seems dispensing with truth telling, deliberately misleading or spreading downright lies, is now the name of the game. important decisions about our lives are taken in the light of such lies. it’s apparently acceptable to assert racist, mthsogenous, homophobic and ablist views, as though they were perfect truth, rather than the haenus views of people with hate in their hearts.

As public servants in public life we undertake to uphold Noalan principles. This includes the principle of honesty. Building cohesion must be founded on truth, an honest exchange of opinions, listening to differences, and working out what unites us, not what divides us.

As politicians, we must strive to be scrupulously truthful in all our work: to show by example, open-hearted honesty, to sew harmoney, no matter how hard it is sometimes for us to speak the truth.


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