How to convert a document

How To Convert A Document
I use a text to speech screen reader to access emails and documents. Whilst JAWS, (said text to speech screen reader) can read tables, it’s a bit of a nightmare and rather time-consuming. If I have to inject complex information rapidly (often the case in my role as a local Councillor), I ask that it be put into word as a list.
Here’s a description of how to convert a table. A slip of the finger led to a strange threat from the unintended recipient, which I thought I might share with you all, as a by-the-way bi-product of how to convert a table to speech screen reader friendly text. So it’s also a lesson in mmore haste, less speed, illogical thinking, and how to cut your nose off to spite your face.
It’s not important who the unintended one is, or the original intended recipient, so I’ve not identified them here.

Lesson begins:
Email from me to Z on 11 November. Z’s job in the CLP is sometimes to distribute meeting agendas and papers.

” Thanks so much for this Z.
It was not a lovely table so I couldn’t read it properly. I copied and pasted it all into a plain text email and this is what it did (see below). This is step one of a simple way to convert a table into a document that I can read. It only works for tables with 4 or less columns (across the top) and isn’t fab for financial tables unless you put a comer between each column. Step 2 of converting such a document consists of opening up a new word file and pasting the below in and saving it with a different name from the previous doc, perhaps by adding KH converted at the end of the file name before the .docks or whatever. This second step is helpful in that I can then load it as a file onto my hand held computer for reference at meetings, and saves me copying and pasting the contents of an email into a new doc myself.
There is a function in various versions of word that allows you to remove a table and convert it into something more readable and I think you need to selected comma separated style or something like that.
Anyway, this makes most interesting reading. It reminds me of who the problem people are, lest I forget that two of them are ward comrades Grrr!”

The table I convert to text to speech friendly format then follows. Since it is already in the public domain, and shared all over the place, been talked about in countless articles and blogs, even on the news,I do not see the need to repeat it here. It lists all Cllrs who voted for the HDV, their wards, their trigger and shortlisting meetings.

Imagine my surprise a few hours later on 11th November, to get the following brief email from X.
“Is the purpose of this table to try and get your fellow councillors de-selected? I doubt very much you meant to send it to me.”

This brief email bewilders me; I examine my send box. Yes, I sent them the email, but they were not the intended recipient. Bollocks! The Honest law of the net is, if that happens, you alert the sender then delete it and forget you got it.

More haste less speed, I think. Damn!
On that same evening, I wrote to X:
“Nice to hear from you. I hope you are well.
The primary purpose of sending this table to Z was to show them how to convert tables into formats that I can read.

It’s obvious that I sent this to you by mistake, as I can’t imagine why you would need to know how to convert a table into a format I can read. You are not addressed in the body of the email either, which underlines my intention. Your name is next to Z’s on my address list. My text to speech screen reader does not always read all that is in the field. Given these circumstances, the most honourable thing to do is to simply regard this email as having not been sent to you and delete it. I hope that is what you will do.”
The campaign moves on. I am reselected but my two Cllr colleagues are not. In the midst of resignations following their defeat, feelings are running high, accusations fly. X emails me on 24th November with the following: “I reserve my right to use the email which was sent to me as I decide. It is evident that the local party in its current has been taken over by new members with an agenda of moving the party further to the left; which will simply guarantee many more years on the opposition benches nationally, and a divided party locally. Haringey appears to have de-selected the majority of its sitting councillors, which I believe is unprecedented; and this has been contributed to in no small part by lists of the sort I was sent on 11 November.

I will not be voting for the selected Labour candidates come May.” Well, I think as I munch my way through some delicious Welsh chocolate, that’s interesting. Perhaps I’ll save X the effort of sharing my initial email with the wider public and do it myself. To give it context, I’ve shared the whole string of emails.
You have been reading a quick “how to …” guide to convert a document. At the same time, you’ve been reading about a most interesting way of reacting to a defeat. X says they won’t be voting for the selected CLLR next May. Presumably X feels that it would be better to have Liberal Democratic Councillors representing Stroud green instead? In the last 2 days, the two deselected CLLR, have just denied ward members the possibility of voting for them next week, by withdrawing from the selection process. That is a shame. I believe in choice; the right to choose who represents me and the right to read inaccessible information.
I write to X:
“lovely to hear from you. Feel free to share as you desire. I’ve just done so on my blog. See url below.
I’m sorry you don’t feel you can vote for the selected councillors in May. It’s very sad that the two deselected Cllrs have denied you the choice of selecting them to be the other two Labour Cllr candidates, alongside me, by withdrawing from the selection process.
Best wishes


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